Hanchen Wang

PhD Student
Department of Engineering
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
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I'm a Ph.D candidate(Trust Scholar) in Information Engineering at University of Cambridge. My PhD research focus on understanding the human decision making process -> geometric deep learning and learning on the graphs. I am quite fortunate to work with Joan Lasenby from Signal Processing Lab, and Adrian Weller from Machine Learning Group.

Prior to Cambridge, I have exchange studies in University of California, Berkeley and Meiji University, internship experiences in BuildingRadar, Stanford University, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Zhijue Investment, Insanity Trading, MingShi Investment and China International Capital Corporation. I was also a part-time translator at QbitAI and Scientific American China Branch.

I obtained my bachelor degree in Physics, minor in Electrical and Information Engineering, from Nanjing University, high school diploma from Suzhou High within two years and without Gaokao; I was born around on 30th Dec 1996. I am also running as the CTO of a Cambridge-based startup (it has been acquired lol), and co-owning a high frequency trading proprietary shop. During leisure, I enjoy jogging, badminton, kick boxing, rock climbing, traveling and reading[my book list].

Feel free to reach me for discussing research projects, funding options for our startup or becoming a LP of our fund :)

Selected Publication

My undergraduate mostly focused on Electronics and Computational Biology.


  • H. Wang, P. Rahaja-Liu.
    Hierarchical Differentially Private Learning
    In submission, neurips

  • H. Wang, N. Grgić-Hlača, P. Lahoti, K. P. Gummadi, A. Weller.
    Semi-supervised Metric Learning for Interpreting Human Judges
    In submission, aaai

  • Y. Qian, S. Luo, H. Wang, T. Liu.
    Quantifying Gender Bias is All You Need to Classify Author Gender
    In submission, aaai

  • Z. Yu*, H. Wang*, W. Li, R. Xu, X. Feng, P. Wang, P. Zhou, Y. Shi, Y. Chai, X. Wang.
    Negative capacitance 2D MoS2 transistors with sub-60mV/dec subthreshold swing over 6 orders, 250 μA/μm current density, and nearly-hysteresis-free
    In 2017 IEEE IEDM (with oral presentation), pages 577-580, San Francisco, California, United States. [Paper]

  • D. Zhao, Y. Yuan, H. Wang, H. Dong, S. Li.
    Molecular Mechanism of Self-Assembly of Aromatic Oligoamides into Interlocked Double Helix Foldamers
    In 2016 China Physics Society Annual Fall Meeting, Beijing, China. [Poster]


  • Z. Li, H. Wang.
    Embedded in Multiple Fields: Global Dimensions and National Adoptions of Corporate Social Responsibility
    In submission

  • J. Bullock, H. Ota, H. Wang, Z. Xu, M. Hettick, D. Yan, C. Samundsett, Y. Wan, S. Essig, M. Morales-Masis, A. Cuevas, A. Javey.
    Microchannel contacting of crystalline silicon solar cells
    In Nature Scientific Reports, 7, 9085, 2017. [Paper]

  • W. Li, J. Zhou, H. Wang, S. Wang, Z. Yu, S. Li, Y. Shi, X. Wang.
    Logical Integration Device for Two - Dimensional Semiconductor Transition Metal Sulfide
    In Acta Physica Sinica 66, 218503 (2017). [Paper]

  • D. Zhao, L. Yang, Y. Yuan, H.Wang, H. Dong, S. Li.
    Molecular Mechanism of Self-assembly of Aromatic Oligoamides into Interlocked Double-helix Foldamers
    In J. Phys. Chem. B, 2017, 121 (43), pp 10064–10072. [Paper]

  • J. Bullock, Y. Wan, Z. Xu, S. Essig, M. Hettick, H. Wang, W, Ji, M. Boccard, A. Cuevas, C. Ballif, A. Javey.
    Stable Dopant-free Asymmetric Heterocontact Silicon Solar Cells with Efficiencies Above 20%
    In ACS Energy Lett., 2018, 3(3), pp 508–513. [Paper]

  • J. Bullock, Y. Wan, M. Hettick, Z. Xu, D. Yan, P. Phang, H. Wang, W, Ji, C. Samundsett, Z. Hameri, D. Macdonald, A. Cuevas, A. Javey.
    Dopant-Free Partial Rear Contacts Enabling 23% Silicon Solar Cells
    just accepted by Adv. Energy Mater., 2019, 9, 1803367. [Paper]

*: Equally contribution.

Current Research Project

  • Capturing Local Structure for Points Cloud 2019.7-present
    with Joan

  • Latent Graph Neural Network 2019.7-present
    with Yutong, Joan, Xuming and Alan

  • Scalable Federated Learning on Massive Images 2019.2-present
    with panakeia.ai, another Cambridge-based startup

  • Python Open Source Module
    with groups of enthusiastic and helpful developers
    see pyntcloud for points cloud, metric-learn for distance metric learning.

Talks & Seminars & Teaching

  • TA of 3F3: Statistical Signal Processing @ Cambridge Engineering Department, Michaelmas Term 2019
  • Kernel Smoothing Method @ QishiCPC Sep 2019
  • Finding and Backtesting Strategies: Profiting in Efficiently Inefficient Markets @ QishiCPC Jul 2019
  • Tree, Structures and Algorithms @ QishiCPC Seminar (Wall Street Buy-Sides Member Club) Sep 2018
  • Acceptance Speech (Awardee Representative) @ Xuxin Fellowship Awarding Event July 2018
  • Commencement Speech (Student Representative) @ NJU KYM School Graduation Jun 2018


  • [Archery, Kick Boxing, Hack, Startup, Algorithm Trading, Blockchain and VCPE] Society @ Cambridge University
  • Speaking a little French and Japanese, Playing Erhu and Ocarina(Piano in the plan), Running(China National Third Level Athlete)

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