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Hey! I'm an incoming PostDoc at Stanford Computer Science and Genentech Research and Early Development, hosted by Jure Leskovec and Aviv Regev.

I earned a PhD in Machine Learning (Oct '19 - Dec '22) from Cambridge, with Joan Lasenby at Trinity. I obtained a Physics BSc from Nanjing University (Sep '14 - Jun '18), where I served as the Valedictorian.

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I now mostly work on single-cell genomics, genome editing, novel therapeutics, and synthetic biology, in my 3-year PostDoc.
I am very interested in brain and gastric related clinical studies, due to family loss.
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* denotes the joint equal authorship

Enabling Scientific Discovery with Artificial Intelligence
Hanchen Wang*, et al., [Authoring team] >
in review, for Nature
Main Figure
Open Problems in Federated Digital Health
Hanchen Wang, James Zou
in revision, for Nature Machine Intelligence
Evaluating Self-supervised Learning for Molecular Graph Embeddings
Hanchen Wang*, Jean Kaddour*, Shengchao Liu, Jian Tang, Matt Kusner, Joan Lasenby, Qi Liu
in review, also presented at Pre-Training & AI4Science at ICML 2022
Pre-training Molecular Graph Representation with 3D Geometry
Shengchao Liu, Hanchen Wang, Weiyang Liu, Joan Lasenby, Hongyu Guo, Jian Tang
ICLR 2022, also presented at SSL NeurIPS 2021, GTRL ICLR 2022 (Spotlight)
project page  |  code  |  bibtex
Matching Point Sets with Quantum Circuits Learning
H. Wang*, M. Noormandipour* (in contribution order)
ICASSP 2022, Invited by Editors, with Travel Award
project page  |  code  |  bibtex
Iterative Teaching by Label Synthesis
Weiyang Liu*, Zhen Liu*, Hanchen Wang*, Liam Paul, Bernhard Schölkopf, Adrian Weller
NeurIPS 2021, Spotlight
OpenReview  |  bibtex
Advancing COVID-19 Diagnosis with Privacy-Preserving Collaboration in Artificial Intelligence
Xiang Bai* Hanchen Wang*, Liya Ma*, Yongchao Xu*, Jiefeng Gan*, ..., Carola Schönlieb, Tian Xia
Nature Machine Intelligence 2021
project page  |  code  |  bibtex-paper  |  bibtex-code
Media coverage: HUST, Cambridge, Horizon Magazine, Tech Xplore, MIT Technology Review, Synced
Unsupervised Point Cloud Pre-training via Occlusion Completion
Hanchen Wang, Qi Liu, Xiangyu Yue, Joan Lasenby, Matthew J. Kusner
ICCV 2021, also presented at WeaSul ICLR 2021
project page  |  code  |  bibtex
Negative Capacitance 2D MoS2 Transistors with Sub-60mV/dec Subthreshold Swing over 6 Orders,
250 μA/μm Current Density, and Nearly-Hysteresis-Free

Zhihao Yu*, Hanchen Wang*, ..., Xinran Wang
IEDM 2017, Oral

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